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Spanish Level B2


Spanish Level B2 is the fourth stage or for those students with past presentation to Spanish hoping to fabricate their insight. It's an extraordinary course to merge what you've realized, rehearsing it and utilizing it for a long while. They combine their dialect aptitudes and keep on building up their capacity to break down and impart in Spanish by composing arrangements, making oral introductions, and participating in other intelligent gathering exercises.

The point of this course is to additionally build up the understudies' capacity to convey what needs be in spoken and composed dialect at the middle of the road level while acquainting them with contemporary abstract work by vital figures in Spanish and Latin American writing so as to furnish them with social and recorded understanding.


The Spanish Level B2 program closes with a 3 hour test toward the conclusion to survey the understudies capacity on tuning, recorded as a hard copy, perusing and talking and qualifies them for a Certificate of consummation. A course testament is verification that you finished and passed the course. Our foundation encourages you to set yourself up for the official Spanish dialect confirmations and tests (DELE and SIELE).


  • Peruse, fathom, and break down a wide scope of writings, for example, little passages and understanding in Spanish.
  • Empower understudies to pick up a gratefulness and comprehension of the assorted variety of the Spanish talking world inside the more extensive system of multicultural networks and worldwide points of view.
  • Course content structured by thinking about current prerequisite, tried and true technique and the activity showcase.
  • Our Spanish Courses planned by the understudies etymological needs and encouraging techniques as indicated by the understudy's profile.
  • Assignments, homework, practice sets and sound exercises toward the finish of each session.