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Career Oriented Language Programs In Delhi

Career Oriented Language Programs In Delhi

British College of Language makes the career-oriented language institute programmes which comprise professional training foreign languages as accompanied with imparting essential computer knowledge.

Our courses are designed to improve the language and communication skills of students, besides equipping the learners with basic computing skills.

Our uniquely blended courses French, Spanish, German, IELTS, TOEFL, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic will provide the learners as job-specific training by developing in them crucial language and IT skills. 

We will make them job-ready and confident to work in the corporate sector in an international environment. Our language programmes will give learners a comprehensive study of the language including the development of all skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as the study of all aspects of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Our training programme aims to make the students proficient in foreign language learning as well as make them well-versed with the basics of computer. Moreover, our programme will provide the students with a proportionate practical learning experience. Our trainers are very friendly and kindly. They have essential proficiency in their respective languages and will take genuine pleasure in working with you. They are highly qualified and have different styles of teaching with personalities giving varied and challenging instructions.

Our professional trainers providing focused training, with language and skills that you will need to develop to succeed at work. We address each student’s individual needs. Our procedure focuses on Intensive coaching in grammar syntax, sentence structure and vocabulary Reading and listening perception and writing activities Maximum spoken communication Expressing with exactness without losing fluency Role plays practice in relevant social circumstances Developing free learning abilities and techniques for better correspondence.