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Japanese level-N1-Master

Aims and objectives

This course is for the individuals who have effectively cleared JLPT Level 2/N2 or having information proportionate to the equivalent. Individuals functioning as interpreters or mediators in a few fields will likewise inspire a chance to enhance their dialect aptitudes to proficient dimension.

Scope of the Course

  • Accepting or refusing an invitation
  • Describing a person or thing with details
  • Giving requirements
  • Responding to some misunderstanding
  • Providing or receiving a proposal
  • Giving apologies after receiving a complaint   

Course content

Main topics/themes to be covered:

  • Saving
  • Protecting the earth
  • Ideal partner
  • Emergency situations
  • Discipline
  • How to make a formal telephone call
  • How to write a formal letter

Linguistic structures/ Phonetics

Sophisticated rules of the pronunciation of Spoken Japanese.


  • ~なくてはならない/いけない、~なくてもかまわない
  • ~なくちゃ/~なきゃ(いけない)
  • …だけだ・(ただ)… だけでいい
  • …かな (sentence-final particle)
  • ~あいだ、~あいだに、…..
  • ~まで、…・~までに、…..
  • ~た~ (noun modifier)
  • ~によって…
  • お~ますです
  • ~てもかまわない
  • …ほど~ない、…ほどではない (comparison)
  • …はずだ
  • …はずが / はない
  • …はずだった
  • ~てくる・~ていく (change)
  • ~たら(どう)?
  • …より   … ほうが… (comparison)
  • ~らしい (reported speech / conjecture)
  • …もの/もんだから
  • ~(ら)れる(indirect passive: Transitive verbs)
  • ~たり~たり
  • ~っぱなし
  • …おかげで、…・ …おかげだ
  • 漢字(かんじ)