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Spanish Language Classes

Spanish Language Classes

British College of Language offers a wide range of Spanish Language Classes in Delhi (NCR) – Whether you're searching for Group classes or crash or balanced Spanish Language Course in Delhi. Our Spanish preparing program is intended to empower you to quickly enhance your capacity to impart in Spanish. Our training strategy has developed throughout the years and consolidates components of the open methodology with organized learning of fundamental composed aptitudes. We likewise bend over backward to make the showing fun and charming.

Spanish language course levels

Beginner A1 This is a central phase of Spanish dialect where the understudy figures out how to utilize essential natural, regular words and sentences, which are particularly required in everyday discussion. Subsequent to finishing this dimension the understudy can present him/herself and even others and can construct little exchanges.
Elementary A2 After the successful finishing of A2, the understudy can comprehend sentences and words which are normally utilized in everyday discussions for example individual or his/her family data, proficient encounters, or quick environment.
Intermediate B1 After the successful completion of B1, the understudy gets acquainted with standard dialect which encourages them to get vindicated to points identified with expert life and social decent variety and begins to figure out how to peruse little messages or books on a straightforward everyday subjects and concerns. The understudy can express their feelings and dreams or set forward their supposition on numerous begging to be proven wrong themes.
Upper Intermediate B2 After the successful completion of B2 level, the understudy gains a little more extensive learning of the dialect. Understudies secure familiarity to convey what needs be in Spanish decisively on a wide assortment of subjects. Understudies will have the capacity to express and compose increasingly dynamic ideas.
Advanced C1 At this level, the understudy enters the propelled dimension of the dialect. After the effective culmination of C1, the understudy can now effectively peruse and talk on different testing longer messages. The understudy gets comfortable with managing scholarly books or issues as well as logical ones as well. The understudy at this dimension procures the viability and adaptability to speak and write in the field of his specialization.
Master or Proficient C2 This is the highest level of the language where we center around catching up on the abilities of the understudy. At this dimension, the coach changes him/herself into an arbitrator. He encourages the understudy to gain that dimension wherein he/she can easily see basically all that he/she peruses or hears.

Spanish Course Level, Duration

Level Duration
Beginners 40 Hours / 3 Months
Elementary 40 Hours / 3 Months
Intermediate 40 Hours / 3 Months
Upper Intermediate 40 Hours / 3 Months
Advanced 40 Hours / 3 Months
Master or Proficient 40 Hours / 3 Months



  • Figure out how to talk, read, compose and listen Spanish as you advance through the course levels.
  • Enhance your present or future business openings with the expansion of a Spanish language expertise.
  • Very qualified and experienced educators and propelled classroom innovation make a perfect learning condition.
  • Our Spanish Language classes in West Delhi will ensure that you convey and express more confidently.
  • Little class sizes consider large amounts of collaboration among understudies and the educator.
  • Our Spanish course substance are structured and altered according to universal standard and rules like CEFRSIELEDELE.
  • We give compelling and obvious investigation material, sound video exercises, E-books, a few practice set, and so on created by our dialect specialists.
  • Our adaptable Spanish classes in West Delhi are planned by the understudies phonetic needs and encouraging strategies as per the student’s profile.

What is DELE Exam?

DELE means for Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera. DELE is administered on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education & Science, by Instituto Cervantes. The test adheres to the strict standard of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).

What are the DELE Levels?

The test has six different levels from which you can choose at will. From A1 (Breakthrough or Beginner), A2 (Waystage or Elementary) to B1 (Threshold or intermediate), B2 (Vantage or upper intermediate), and C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency or Advanced), C2 (Mastery or proficiency or Near native). The A1 level is the most basic and the C2 level is the most advanced.

Minimum age is 16 for these DELE exams. There is also DELE exams for young learners or schoolchildren (aimed at students from 11 to 17 years old). There are only two levels, namely A1 and A2/B1.

DELE Exam Centers for 2019 in India

There are 5 exam centres in India. They are New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Jaipur. However, all exams are not conducted at every centres.

  • April — Mumbai and New Delhi
  • May — Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi
  • July — New Delhi
  • November — Jaipur, New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

What is SIELE

SIELE is the International Assessment Service for the Spanish Language), advanced by Instituto Cervantes ( IC), the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM), the University of Salamanca ( USAL) and the University of Buenos Aires ( UBA).

SIELE ensures level of capability for the Spanish language with four tests: Reading understanding, Listening perception, Written articulation and communication and Oral articulation and association, and takes as reference the dimensions built up by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from the European Council (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1).

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