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German Language Classes

German Language Classes

German language Classes in Delhi is the following huge thing that individuals look for after English and French classes. To learn German in Delhi resembles a form that individuals are following in excess of a need to land met all requirements for either positions or training. All things considered, the credit for the ubiquity of taking in the outside dialects goes to the widespread introduction of the populace to the external world by means of the web, internet-based life, intercultural programs and in particular, the roads of employment and advanced education. From vacationer advisers for instructors, from occupations in an international safe haven, inns, avionics, media and correspondences to workmanship and intercultural preparing, all lean toward competitors having the learning of extra outside dialects in German language Course in Delhi other than English, Hindi and your first language.

German language course levels

Beginner A1 Can understand and utilize commonplace, regular articulations and exceptionally basic sentences, which identify with the fantastic of solid needs. Can present him/herself as well as other people just as get some information about themselves – for example where they live, who they know and what they claim – and can react to inquiries of this nature. Can convey in a straightforward way if the individual they are addressing talks gradually and obviously and is happy to help.
Elementary A2 Can understand sentences and generally utilized particulations related with points specifically identified with his/her immediate conditions (for example individual data or data about his/her family, shopping, work, quick environment). Can make him/herself comprehended in straightforward, routine circumstances managing a basic and direct trade of data on well-known and normal subjects. Can portray his/her experience and instruction, prompt environment and different things related with quick needs just.
Intermediate B1 Can understand the central matters when clear, standard dialect is utilized and the emphasis is on comfortable subjects related with work, school, recreation time, and so forth. Can manage most circumstances regularly experienced when going in the dialect area. Can express him/herself just and reasonably with respect to well-known points and territories of individual intrigue. Can investigate encounters and occasions, depict dreams, expectations and objectives just as put forth short expressions to legitimize or clarify his/her very own perspectives and plans.
Upper Intermediate B2 Can understand the fundamental substance of complex messages on concrete and dynamic points; additionally comprehends particular discourses in his/her very own essential zone of specialization. Can convey so immediately and smoothly that a typical discussion with local speakers is effectively conceivable without a lot of exertion on either side. Can express him/herself on a wide scope of points in an unmistakable and itemized way, clarify his/her situation on a present issue and show the advantages and downsides of different choices.
Advanced C1 Can understand a wide scope of difficult, longer messages and furthermore get a handle on understood implications. Can express him/her suddenly and smoothly without looking for words every now and again and observably. Can utilize the dialect adequately and adaptably in his/her social and expert life or in preparing and studies. Can clarify, organized and itemized explanations on complex points and apply different methods for content affiliation properly all the while.
Master or Proficient C2 Can easily see for all intents and purposes everything which he/she peruses or hears. Can abridge data from different composed and spoken sources, sensibly relating the reasons and clarifications. Can express him/herself immediately with high familiarity and exactness and furthermore make better subtleties of significance clear in increasingly complex points.

German Course Level, Duration

Level Duration
Beginners 40 Hours / 3 Months
Elementary 40 Hours / 3 Months
Intermediate 40 Hours / 3 Months
Upper Intermediate 40 Hours / 3 Months
Advanced 40 Hours / 3 Months
Master or Proficient 40 Hours / 3 Months


What is a German Language Proficiency Test?

The German language proficiency test is an international standardized tests that assess someone’s German language proficiency whose native language is not German. Whether you are experienced or just starting to learn the language, you can prove your German language skills by taking a German language proficiency test, such as the Zertifikat Deutsch, TestDaF, DSH, TELC, OSD, or OIF.


Types of German Language Proficiency Tests


Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD)

Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD) is the German language proficiency test that will ascertain your competency in speaking the German language (Deutsch). The Zertifikat test is highly supported by the Federal Government of Germany, and it’s designed according to the set out guidelines of the CEFR. The test is performed in levels ranging from A1, which is for beginners, to C2 which is for advanced speakers of the language. By passing the Goethe-Zertifikat C2: Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS) test, you will be eligible to study at a German university or institution of higher education and also accepted as official evidence of the language skills required to teach German in Germany.

TestDaF Exam

If you’re interested or planning to study in any German University where the medium of communication and instruction is not English, then you will have to pass one of the two German fluency exam i.e.TestDAF or DSH. All German universities and institutions of higher education recognise the TestDaF and DSH certificate.

DSH Exam

Another German proficiency exam is called the “DSH” (German Language University Entrance Examination for Foreign Applicants). Unlike the other German language proficiency exam – TestDAF, DSH is not standardized and varies from University to University conducting it. However, The DSH examination pattern is more or less similar to TestDaF.

TELC GmbH – The European Language Certificates

TELC, which stands for The European Language Certification, partners with the Federal Government of Germany to test your proficiency in German (Deutsch). The telc GmbH – language tests are currently available in 11 European languages with over 80 different certificates.

OSD - German Language Certificate Austria

The Austrian German Language Diploma (OSD – Osterreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) is a German examination approved by Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Education, Science and Cultural Affairs to assesses German as a foreign and as a second language.

OIF - Austrian Integration Fund

There is another German language proficiency test called (OIF - Ousterreichische Integrationsfonds) that handles German tests for different skill levels across Austria and evaluates for immigrants whose linguistic ability in German has not yet reached A2 level.