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French Language Classes

French Language Classes

British College Of Language offers a wide range of French Language Classes in Delhi. Whether you're searching for Group classes or crash or coordinated French classes. Our French preparing program is intended to empower you to quickly enhance your capacity to impart in French. Our encouraging technique has advanced throughout the years and consolidates components of the informative methodology with organized learning of basic composed aptitudes. We likewise bend over backward to make the showing fun and pleasant.

Our adaptable French Language Course in Delhi are planned by the understudies phonetic needs and encouraging strategies as per the student’s profile

French language course levels

Beginner A1 Can perceive and utilize natural words and basic expressions for solid purposes. Can present himself or another person. Can get some information about home, family, environment, and so on. Can convey essentially when the other individual talks gradually and obviously, and is prepared to rehash or reformulate to encourage correspondence.
Elementary A2 Can comprehend secluded expressions and typical statements that identify with zones of high close to home significance (like individual or family data, shopping, quick condition, work). Can convey amid simple or ongoing assignments requiring a fundamental and direct data trade on recognizable subjects. Utilizing straightforward words, can depict his or her environment and impart prompt needs.
Intermediate B1 Can comprehend the central matters of clear standard discourse on natural subjects in work, school, relaxation exercises, and so on. Can oversee as a rule that surface when going in a locale where the dialect is spoken. Can create a straightforward and strong content on commonplace subjects or subjects of individual intrigue. Can portray an occasion, an affair or a fantasy; depict a craving or objective, and blueprint reasons or clarifications behind an undertaking or thought.
Upper Intermediate B2 Can comprehend the principle thoughts of concrete or theoretical points in a perplexing content, incorporating a specialized article in the client's subject matter. Can speak with a level of suddenness and familiarity amid a discussion with a local speaker, in a way that is agreeable for everybody. Can talk in a reasonable, point by point path on various subjects; express a supposition on current issues, giving the favorable circumstances and drawbacks of the different alternatives.
Advanced C1 Can comprehend a wide scope of long and complex writings, including any sub literary or expressive subtleties. Can express him or herself openly and smoothly, without clearly bungling for words. Can utilize the dialect successfully and smoothly in a social, expert or scholarly setting. Can talk in a reasonable, sorted out path about complex subjects, building up an all around organized contention.
Master or Proficient C2 Can easily see nearly all that the individual peruses or hears. Equipped for an intelligible rundown of occasions or contentions from oral or composed sources. Can express him or herself exactly in an unconstrained, familiar manner, passing on better shades of significance definitely.

French Course Level, Duration

Level Duration
Beginners 40 Hours / 3 Months
Elementary 40 Hours / 3 Months
Intermediate 40 Hours / 3 Months
Upper Intermediate 40 Hours / 3 Months
Advanced 40 Hours / 3 Months
Master or Proficient 40 Hours / 3 Months



  • Figure out how to talk, read, compose and listen French as you advance through the course levels.
  • Enhance your present or future business openings with the expansion of a French language expertise.
  • Very qualified and experienced educators and propelled classroom innovation make a perfect learning condition.
  • Our French Language classes in West Delhi will ensure that you convey and express more confidently.
  • Little class sizes consider large amounts of collaboration among understudies and the educator.
  • We give compelling and obvious investigation material, sound video exercises, E-books, a few practice set, and so on created by our dialect specialists.
  • Our adaptable French Language Course in Delhi are planned by the understudies phonetic needs and encouraging strategies as per the student’s profile.


List of different DELF/DALF Exams

  • DELF Prim (ages 8-11) – This is an official diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the proficiency in French as a Foreign Language of children ages 8 to 12. There are only three levels, namely A1.1, A1, and A2.
  • DELF Junior (ages 12 +) – It is a specially adapted version for juniors/teenagers of the DELF diplomas. The levels evaluated are A1 to B2.
  • DELF Pro – It assesses communicative skills common to all common business situations. It allows non-francophone adults in training or activity to enhance their French language skills in the world of work. Total levels are four i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2.
  • DELF Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française (for all age groups) – DELF is conducted for levels A1 – B2. All four exams, A1, A2, 1 and B2, essentially have the same structure.
  • DALF Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (for all age groups) – DALF is conducted for Levels C1 and C2. After completing DALF exams, candidates are capable of using the French language for academic and advanced-level purposes. At the end, the proficiency is near native.

TCF - French knowledge test

  • TCF: You want to evaluate your French skills for academic or professional reasons.
  • TCF DAP: You are a student and you want to join a license 1 in a French university or a French architecture school.
  • TCF for access to French nationality: You must prove your level of French in the context of an application for acquisition of French nationality.
  • TCF Québec: You want to settle permanently in Quebec and you must have your level of French assessed as part of your immigration procedure.
  • TCF for the resident's card in France: You must prove your level of French in the context of obtaining a long-term resident card or a "long-term resident - EU" card
  • TCF Canada: You want to settle permanently in Canada (outside the province of Quebec) and you must have your level of French assessed as part of your economic immigration or Canadian citizenship process.


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