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Classical Arabic


The Classical Arabic Foundations Program takes you from having zero involvement in the language to a high fledgling dimension of comprehension. It contains three courses that conveys you to dominance over perusing, composing and saying Arabic letters, and furnishes you with fundamental syntax subjects to have the capacity to impart themes about oneself, family and every day life issues.

There are six specific learning goals

  • Read Arabic words with right pronunciation;
  • Perceive spoken welcome and early on expressions in Arabic;
  • Compose the Arabic letters and related structures in readable Arabic penmanship;
  • Start social connections, request data, and know about essential social parts of social communication in the Arab world;
  • Comprehend simple written texts on familiar topics;
  • Write the Arabic letters and related forms in legible Arabic handwriting;


Intermediate Classical Arabic Program is an early on course in Arabic sentence structure (language structure) in light of the eminent traditional groundwork in Arabic syntax with extra materials to establish a fundamental framework of morphology. The course will comprise of a natural blend of intelligent address, homework audit, in-class activities, and week after week surveys. The course will likewise make broad utilization , the going with course message, to which the syntactic ideas learned in class will be connected.

At the end of the course, hardworking students should be able to:

  • Be familiar with a few of the basic implications of the different structures, for example Frame 4 for causation, Form 10 for looking for and so forth.
  • Use the ten verbal forms with competence, meaning.
  • Be able to look up words in a root-word-based dictionary.


The Advanced Classical Arabic Program is a course dependent on syntactic interpretation of the Seerah of Ibn Hisham utilizing the standards that understudies have figured out how to date from past dimensions. The course will utilize Martin Lings' Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources as a guide for understudies to acquaint themselves with the sira and discover the implications of words. Each exercise will start by evaluating homework task (regularly a linguistic interpretation), at that point clarify another standard, at that point lead a class perusing and interpretation in light of that new principle, at that point relegate homework.

  • A high-level overview of the Seerah narrative so that they can locate a section within this narrative and use that as an aid to deciphering the meaning
  • Ancient Arabic style and conventions
  • Grammar rules
  • Morphology rules